Christou DaKeeng

“As a singer, songwriter and producer, I find unique ways to enhance my creativity. I have a vast background in music from singing in church to playing percussion in various styles of bands including marching, concert, jazz and orchestral. These various areas of music have cultivated my sound to develop into it’s own unique blend of those experiences. I like to pull from different resources and figure out how to make the best outcome each time. Even in my youth, I loved the big sounds from Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, The Elements (Earth, Wind & Fire), and Disney movies, so I feel great producing such exciting sounds. My versatility can take me from R&B to Pop to Jazz to Country to whatever genre I’m feeling at the time.”


Christou DaKeeng is a notable singer/songwriter, artist, performer, producer and entrepreneur throughout the Southeast’s arena of music & entertainment. From his first venture of singing in church at the age of 3 to later starting his own music production and publishing company, Omni Empire, Christou has netted 32 years of experience as a confident performer.



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Nashville, TN


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