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is not only what desribes Christou as an artist, but what drives him to prevail, as well as, thrive on an independent level.


CD sports a wide range of performing activities including singing, rapping, hosting, modeling and acting. He’s been featured on YouTube movie Money, Power & Fame, as well as, hit YouTube series Killumbia.



Skilled in poetry & creative writing, CD began writing songs at age 11 and recording music at age 12, later landing many singles on various media platforms all over the world, and first rotation spin on Hot 103.9 Columbia.


Seeing a need for many elements to keep his artistry going in a low populated area, CD started working with graphic design, and now owns his own indie label, publishing co, & branding company, Omni Empire.

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Christou DaKeeng – “Magic School Bus”

This is the audio for the second single release of the 2019 album release Next Chapter by Christou DaKeeng, written by Christou & Lisa Luv

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Christou DaKeeng is an independent artist based out of South Carolina, where he was born and raised. His talent has stood out to others well before his decision of making a career out of using his gifts. Raised in the landscape of southern hospitality and farm fields, Cedric Orion Dennis, was born on July 29, 1987 to Cynthia Dennis in Aiken, South Carolina. He was brought up by his mother and aunt, Phyllis, who had him faithfully attending church service every Sunday in a Southern Baptist style church. Being a former teacher’s aid, his mother heavily emphasized education and encouraged him to display his singing talents in front of others, so he started singing in front of large church crowds at age 3.

Growing as a straight-A student in school, “Ced” began to indulge in extra-curricular activities all throughout middle and high school such as band, junior beta club, tech crew, chorus, football, basketball, and other activities that kept him involved with the community. During these moments, his interest in poetry, story writing and music recording grew more and more as he grew older and submersed into the culture.

After dropping out of Lander University, Christou began a stronger pursuit into the music industry by building connections at events and joining independent label and crew, F.A.M.I.S.H.E.D. Entertainment in 2006 and learned to develop his own signature sound. His first paid gig came from an affiliate and friend DJ Lord Jazz, who saw him compete on stage at an artist contest in Bennetsville, SC. It was ironically a contest that Christou didn’t win.

From 2007-2009, DaKeeng landed 8 hook features on indie radio shows played throughout the state of South Carolina, before his rise to regional success. Late 2009, his hook for the single “Fly Away” by Pure Pain/SKC artist, Kenny Kane, spread throughout the whole Southeast region and later variously throughout the country on Satelite and Broadcast radio. From there they went on to win Single Of The Year at the SC Music Awards in 2010 and Christou gained a nomination of R&B Artist Of The Year that same year. Christou has won R&B Artist Of The Year at the 2012 I Love Being From The South Awards and has received many more nominations.

After meeting his wife, Jelisa “Lisa Luv” Jackson, who is a model and cosmetologist, the two formed the company Omni Empire, and began building an independent empire for the legacies of their future family. Christou saw it as a need to grow as not only an artist, but as an entrepreneur and businessman. Since the start of his career, he has produced 3 mixtapes, and is currently releasing singles from his undated album, Next Chapter. DaKeeng is active in community actions and will prove to consistently be an unforgettable, undeniable global presence!

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Every great king needs a great team. Here’s some of the people that keep the artist moving forward to higher heights in business & entertainment.
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Big Swiv

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lisa luv


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shanez padgett

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